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The story begins with the Apostle John, as an older man, telling the story of the Passover, and his own recollection of Passover celebrations from his earlier years, once as a child and once as a young man. Exodus 15 a.mp3
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John and his brother James, the "sons of thunder", seemed to argue quite a bit when they were walking with Jesus. It was no different when they were boys. In this scene, John joins his brother James, his sister Rebekah, and their Mama and Papa for a Passover seder. Seating Arrangements b.mp3
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Since the time of David, a variety of Psalms have been used as part of the Passover seder. Psalms 113-116 were known as the Egyptian Hallel, and were chanted during the ceremony. In this scene, Mama begins Psalm 113, and John begins to daydream. Ps 113 - All You Servants of the Lord c.mp3
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John, being the youngest at the table, gets to ask The Four Questions which are an integral part of every Passover seder. Mama and Papa respond, speaking of the enslavement in Egypt, the Plagues that God sent against Egypt, and the sacrificial Passover Lamb. The Four Questions d.mp3
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Psalm 114 was the second of the Psalms to be used during a Passover seder, and Papa begins to sing this song. John again begins to daydream and fantasize. Ps 114 - When Israel Went Forth e.mp3
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In this scene, Papa speaks of 'The cup of redemption'. This is the third cup of wine served at a Passover seder, and it is served warm, and mixed with water, just like the blood and water that flowed from Jesus' side when he was pierced in the side while on the cross. The Cup of Redemption f.mp3
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This beautiful song of hope in the Lord is a rendetion of Psalm 116. This psalm, like the other psalms of the 'Egyptian Hallel', would have been chanted by Jesus and his apostles while sharing in their Passover seder, which Christians have historically called 'The Last Supper'. Ps 116 - I Love The Lord g.mp3
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The familys Passover seder is interrupted harshly by Roman Centurians who arrest Zebedee (Papa) as a suspected zealot. The incident is terribly frightening, and leaves a lasting memory for the young boy John. The Apostle John, continuing his narrative, speaks of his his memories of that moment, the profound realizations it led him to, and then his eventual meeting of Jesus years later, when he was a young man. Chains h.mp3
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Psalm 136 is called "The Great Hallel" by the Jews, and is the last Psalm to be sung at a Passover seder. It was also chanted the entire day of the Passover by the priests in the temple. In this scene, the young disciple John, his brother James, and others are entering the city of Jerusalem to share a Passover with Jesus. Ps 136 - The Great Hallel i.mp3
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The young disciples John and James enter Jerusalem with Jesus and the other disciples. They go to the temple with Jesus, where a series of incredible events occurs. Into Jerusalem j.mp3
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Later, Jesus sends the disciples John, James and Peter to prepare for the Passover seder. In this scene, they share in the Passover together, and during this most solemn time, Jesus reveals that He Himself is the fulfillment of The Passover. He Is Our Passover k.mp3
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After Jesus and the disciples shared the Passover meal, they sang a hymn (probably Psalm 136) and went to the Garden of Gethsemane. In the garden, Jesus prays, and a series of events begin that ultimately lead to the fulfillment of the prophesy of the Passover. The Passover Prophesy Fulfilled l.mp3
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"All we found that morning was an empty tomb... He is risen. He is risen indeed". Exodus 15 Reprise m.mp3
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